29 junio, 2011

'And they challenged
each other every day.
But despite
their differences,
they had one
important thing in common.

They were crazy
about each other.'

28 junio, 2011


-Dime lo que quieres que sea, y lo seré por ti
-Eres tonto
-Podría serlo..

27 junio, 2011

just wait !

STOP! just wait a minute and think!

you dont even know of what are you talking about!

live in the moment..

Odio que las cosas vayan tan rapido,no me gusta

24 junio, 2011

i dont wanna go fast i go slow.-

22 junio, 2011

lalal i hate it!

"Why do we need, need, need this and that. !Why do we do the things we do? Why is it so hard for people to understand?Why are we constantly covering up the truth? Why?"

20 junio, 2011

- Te extraño -

16 junio, 2011

I miss the old times ..

my life is beyond confusing at the moment, im not sure where i belong, all im doing is going with what makes me happy but that always changes, so everything i do is always changing, id like a bit of stability.
guys? goood ones, are hard to find, already taken, or not interested.
i think if i had a love id be happy and all i want is to be truely happy.
last night, was the first time ive been truely happy in a while <3

14 junio, 2011

 La locura es un placer que solo los locos conocemos..


Las cosas tienen que salirte 
mal para darte cuenta de lo que 
realmente necesitabas.

13 junio, 2011


 Siempre pasa algo que te arruina el día..

11 junio, 2011

i just came to say hello

; i just feel complete when you're by my side ♥

09 junio, 2011

Just because I laugh a lot, doesn’t mean my life is easy. Just because I have a smile on my face every day, doesn’t mean that somethings not bothering me. Its just that I choose to move on with the negative in my life, and keep my head up, instead of dwelling on the past.

07 junio, 2011

Respirar y decir no importa, no me voy a poner mal.

04 junio, 2011

just say fuck you and smile.-

Siento que mi mundo se derrumba cada vez mas nose hasta cuando voy a seguir asi , ultimamente resivo una tras otra una tras otra, y todas son noticias malas, ya no se por cual  preocuparme más me sinto tan mal ..

03 junio, 2011

*Falling apart and all that I question: is this a dream or is this my lesson?